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In 2011, the love that I developed for hair was planted in my life when my mother was suffering from cancer. During this timeframe, I vividly remember how distraught my mother was when she lost all of her hair. The wig options were expensive, didn't look natural, and weren't customizable. Therefore, she wore scarves and hats for the years that it took for her hair to grow back. I felt helpless as she began to spiral into stress, depression, and low self-esteem. 

In 2018, the seed that was planted earlier in my life began to ferment and my journey in creating hair units was born. After watching countless YouTube tutorials and defeating the vicious trial and error cycle, I successfully completed my first couple of units and wore them proudly. In doing so, the amount of interest and support from my peers was immeasurable! As I began to help others with their hair, I developed a deep passion for it. The act of service in helping others, while doing what I loved, fueled my desire to expand my knowledge and business. Within 2 years, the thing I once knew as a hobby quickly transformed into the full-time business now known as Conceeted Looks. 

Today, our business specializes in creating custom hair units for all that are hassle-free, convenient, and sustainable.

As I reflect on where I started, I am reminded of my humble beginnings and growth while being motivated to keep pushing to achieve my goals and continue to be a valuable resource to those in need in my community.

Never give up on your passion.

It is your calling!

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