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  • How long does a glue-less unit last?
    Since a glue-less unit has very low maintenance and doesn't require additional products, it has the potential to last 3-5 years. All Conceeted Looks units are created using premium top quality hair. These units are constructed on a sewing machine and have long lasting durability if cared for properly. Proper washing, wearing, and storing of your unit can impact its life span.
  • What makes a wig glue-less?
    A glue-less wig is a wig that is constructed and can be worn without the use of glue or additional products. Glue-less wigs from the Conceeted Looks Hair collection are created using custom head measurements, an adjustable elastic band, and are immediately ready-to-wear.
  • Why should I pick glue-less wear?
    Glue-less units are convenient, ready-to-wear, and are hassle-free. These units require no extra assistance and are beginner/first-time wearer friendly.
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